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Hike to the Archer Falls viewpoint
Archer Mountain
A 5 mile hike with 887' eg

2012 Total miles hiked= 53.7; Total elevation gain= 10,314'
March 4, 2012

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We were just out to Archer Mountain last January.

We were out to Archer Falls around this time last year. GETTING THERE

This hike is brought to you by Miss Eloise
The tough, smart asbestos lawyer.
Let Eloise "skiff" Phant HEP you!!!

Here's a sign that someone left at the Archer Mountain summit. There's no view up
here but there is a clearing large enough to have lunch comfortably if you like.

Archer Falls (to the left) is the most magical of all the falls we've visited so far.
The day started out chilly with pea soup fog. Cleared up nicely though and got up to
around 60 degrees which isn't bad for early March.

About 3/4 of a mile into this hike, you get to cross the creek over this pretty
rickety but serviceable bridge. The fork for this trail is easy to miss.. keep your
eye out for flagging tape. If you stay on the main trail, the creek crossing is
a deep, fast running and COLD rock hop!

Here's Julie skiffing across the little green bridge now....

This trail is fairly steep with a lot of rapid elevation gain. It didn't take long
to get above the clouds.

You get some nice visual rewards for your effort though...

This hike has more than a few spots where staying on trail can be a challenge.
Even more so if the snow is covering what faint trail there is! There is some
aging, sparsly placed flagging tape up here... we did a little trail maintenance
and added some. In this particular area, getting hoplelessly lost is likely
not a problem since you can just follow the rim and head towards the meadow below.
Still... navigation to the summit became impossible today so we opted to enjoy the
falls view and then head back down.

There's a nice view of Archer Falls from up here although the falls are several miles away.

Back down at the little bridge. Nice hike although shorter than I had planned.

GPS TPX track file.

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