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Hike to Archer Mountain
Cruzzat Rim, St. Cloud Point, Cable Creek
Pancake Ledges and Eagle Point
An 8 mile hike with 2250' eg
2012 Total miles hiked= 8; Total elevation gain= 2,050'
January 4, 2012

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We were out to Archer Falls around this time last year. GETTING THERE

This was a Mazama led hike. My second tagging along with them (although as a Mazama
myself, I am now one of "them". :)

Many of these images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Here's a sign that someone left at the Archer Mountain summit. There's no view up
here but there is a clearing large enough to have lunch comfortably. This was an
excellent hike although strenuous and tiring. Our fearless leader was familiar
with Archer and several in the group have been frequent visitors here for many years.
This was a very informative adventure and it was nice to not have to worry about getting
lost every time the trail got a little faint.

Today was a perfect day (especially for January)... some sun, low 50's and mostly a
very pleasant day. It started clouding up and sprinkling near the end of the hike but
the rain held off until a few minutes after we were all back at the trailhead.

Thanks Mazamas!

A nice view from the first viewpoint which is directly in front of and above Happy
Valley. I thought the wall with the cross was called Fletcher Flat but perhaps not.

We were above the clouds for most of the day.

Not as impressive as being up close to them, but you get some nice views of Archer
Falls on this hike.

Arrow Point
View of the Columbia River, Wind Mountain, Table Mountain and Dog Mountain looking East.

A closer look at Table Mountain from above the clouds.

Hoping someone will tell me the name of this viewpoint location.

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