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The Banks-Vernonia Linear Park Trail Hike
This is an easy beginners hike/stroll with no loop options
100% ADA accessible except as noted
Segment One
Banks Trailhead el. 100' to the Buxton Trailhead el. 421'
A 6.8 mile, 321' elevation gain hike (x2 round trip)
January 20, 2014

Total miles hiked= 41.9; Total elevation gain= 2,781'

Total 2013 miles hiked= 246.55; Total elevation gain= 59,412'
Total 2012 miles hiked= 367.58; Total elevation gain= 101,161'

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Hike the Banks-Vernonia Linear Park Trail
An approximately 40 mile round trip hike
I did this in segments in 2010. That trail report can be found HERE.


So I'm back in 2014 to see how much this trail and hike has improved over the
past four years.

Segment one: Banks, Oregon Trailhead to Buxton
Segment two: Buxton Trailhead to Tophill Trailhead
Segment three: Tophill Trailhead to Beaver Creek Trailhead
Segment four: Beaver Creek Trailhead to Vernonia
Segment five: Anderson Park
Segment six: Stub Stewart State Park
Segment seven: Connecting the Banks-Vernonia and Crown-Zellerbach Trails
Segment eight: The Salmonberry Rails-To-Trails project

SIDE TRIPS: Caddywhomper

The Banks Trailhead was still under construction when I was here last. They did a
nice job. And the parking lot was pretty full by the time I got back here at 14:00.
Pretty deserted at 08:30 when I arrived though.

Distance to the Manning Trailhead: 3.9 miles
Distance to the Buxton Trailhead" 6.8 miles

It was pretty frosty starting out but it turned into another gorgeous bluebird
sunny day with temperatures in the high 50's by mid-afternoon.

The Manning Trailhead.

The Buxton Trailhead.

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