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2012 Edition

Ride to Bickleton, A Washington Ghost Town
The Bluebird Inn and Saloon
Horsethief Butte, Stonehenge
Memorial Day Weekend
A 320 mile ride
May 26, 2012

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This is an annual run. Pictures of past rides can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

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The Dilligaf's showed up on their new scooter. A 2012 FLSTC.

They got a good deal on their trade-in....

Stopped at Stonehenge and the War Memorial there. A couple more local
guys bought it in Afghanistan since we were here last......

It gets pretty desolate out here, North of Roosevelt, Washington.

It wasn't that great of a weather day to start out with. But we started
getting rained on just West of Lyle. By the time we got to Camas there was
thunder, lightning, torrential downpours and zero visibility. Not the most
pleasant ride the last 25 miles or so. Julie earned her "Drowned Rat" merit
badge today.

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