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Cybercrime Security Training Seminar Outline

Seminar Objective:

Today there is an over reliance in Anti-virus software to keep PCs safe from hackers, viruses, identity theft and so on. This level of over-confidence is completely unjustified! In fact, nothing could be further from the reality of the threats IT faces today. While AV software is certainly vitally important, the fact is that a great many successful hacks these days have a near zero detection rate even among the best, most expensive security software and appliances. Unfortunately, enterprise security is no longer a problem that technology (and money) alone can solve. This seminar is intended to raise awareness among your juiciest vulnerability targets: your non-technical computer users.

This seminar is designed specifically for your non-technical computer users. During the seminar we discuss common attack vectors that your users (and often the IT Staff!) may not even be aware of. Then we outline many "smart computing" practices that will help keep your network safe and secure. Certainly, the information we provide would be valuable to any employee who uses a computer at home. However, the main objective of this seminar is to protect Corporate networks from becoming part of Botnets and to protect against phishing, data theft and espionage attacks.

Government, Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DoE) sites are frequently in the news after their security has been breached. And chances are, because of the importance of their data security they probably have a much bigger security budget and many more computing security experts on staff than you do. One needs to consider the cost, time and lost productivity attached to any event where just one PC becomes infected and that virus starts flying through your network to see the value of our nominally priced seminar.

One would hope that forward-thinking IT Managers would be proactive about this type of training. But having us do this seminar on your site immediately AFTER your security has been breached can also make sense as part of a remedial program after one of these painful and expensive "wake-up" calls occurs... simply instructing Users to not open e-mail attachments is no longer an effective defense strategy! Make your Users part of your security defense team!

Seminar Topics:

Why enterprise security is important to YOU

Assumptions - You already have firewalls, anti-virus software and....

Why Hackers hack - you can't defend against something you don't understand

Types of attacks - How Hackers trick even savvy Users!

Best Practices for defense - knowledge is power

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The small print:

All services are provided on an as-is, best effort basis.
No warranty is expressed or implied
Easyrider LAN Pro and it's subsidiaries are not responsible for the use or misuse of any information provided
This Seminar generally runs about an hour or so
We are happy to quote and provide more extensive/detailed/advanced seminars

Seminar fee is $99/hr or fraction thereof, plus expenses, if any
Yes, that's an incredible deal !!!!!
Less than 5 bucks per head if you have 20 Employees attending!

$5 to potentially save thousands of dollars and several days cleaning up after a successful hack! Man! Are you going to feel silly not calling us after you get hacked!

We are happy to quote prices for out-of-town security services and seminars
Client provides meeting room, overhead projector, scheduling announcement, etc.
For seminars accommodating more than 2 dozen attendees, we strongly recommend scheduling multiple seminars

In the battle to protect your network: If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. -- Sun Tzu quote

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