Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

Eagle watching at Balfour-Klickitat
A 1 mile stroll with 170' elevation gain
And a side trip to Catherine Creek
A 2 mile stroll with 260' elevation gain
And still another side trip along the Convict Road
A 1 mile stroll with 300' elevation gain
Lyle, Washington

This could be a motorcycle ride, weather permitting
January 1, 2014

Miles hiked= 4; Total elevation gain= 730'

2013 Totals: 246.55 miles, 59,412' elevation gain
2012 Totals: 367.58 miles, 101,161' elevation gain

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It was a cold, crappy, socked in day here in the City. Not so bad east of Hood
River. Got here at about 10:30. By Noon it was half way nice. Blue skies and not
very cold. Saw quite a few eagles this year. Definitely a nice way to spend New
Years day. Would have been a good ride except that the first (and last) 60 miles
would not have been too pleasant.

We had some time so headed over to the arch. By the time we got back to the
trailhead, the parking lot was pretty full.

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