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2014 Edition

Dead of Winter ride to Cathlamet, Washington
A 7 hour, 230 mile loop ride through Rainier, Oregon
SR 4 through Cathlamet, Grays River and Dismal Nitch, Washington
Route 101 Pacific Coast Highway to Cannon Beach Oregon.
And the Sunset Highway back to Portland.
February 22, 2014

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Previous rides to Cathlamet are posted HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

But SCB is what most females want to hear. If you don't give it to them, they'll
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Of course they will eventually figure it out and then complain that "all men are
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MORAL?: Don't want to be fed bullshit? Then don't punish honesty.

It wasn't a half bad day for the dead of Winter. Chilly but not as cold as
the ride we took here last October. Figured this was a good chance to take the
Road King on it's maiden voyage. Ran fine. No problems. Took this picture at
one of my usual stops in Rainier, Oregon. More pictures are HERE.

The obligatory stop at Rainier, Oregon.

Then off to Cathlamet for lunch at Sharon's Pizza. There's only one thing you
should order here... "The One", a yummy sandwich!

Cathlamet has many interesting homes. Some are quite old. Others are just "interesting".

Lunch at Sharons after walking around talking pictures. Town was pretty much
deserted today.

Then on to Grays River, Washington. Got sprinkled on a little here but it was
a dry day other than that. More pictures are HERE.

Then on to Dismal Nitch. More pictures are HERE.

And then South to Cannon Beach. More pictures are HERE.

And finally East on the Sunset Highway and back to the barn.

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