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Ride to the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum
With a stop at Johnstone Observatory, Mount St Helens

June 7, 2014

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I was out this way on April 13, 2014 so figured I'd swing by for a scouting

Even on a bad day, I have a lot of respect for the US Marines. But under Obama
some of these guys have had to endure disgusting humilations at the hands of their
"Commander-In-Chief" who has zero respect for these brave Patriots.

On the 70th anniverary of D-Day (yesterday) I wonder what the heros of America's
Greatest Generation think of what the USA has become over these past few years. Once
led By Eisenhower and now being ruled by an inept, corrupt, dishonest. America-hating,
"social justice" Socialist. Can it get any worse? Perhaps yes, if Hillary turns
out being our next President.

In 2014 I'm planning to hit as many steam railways as possible. This one seems
nice and is only 90 miles from Portland. They have dinner trains and other special
event runs. We'll just be doing the basic train ride on our first visit. A full
report and recommendations (if appropriate) will follow.

This place is very easy to find. I-5, exit 77. Go over I-5 (if traveling North),
first left and it's just down the road a ways.

This is a nice little train ride. Reasonably priced. Not hoardes of people.
The train crew is very gracious. I would definitely recommend adding a stop to
The Chehalis-Centralia Railroad and Museum to your Summer weekend itinery.

It's pretty rural out here. Mostly crop fields and small dairy farms.

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