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2013 Covered Bridge Ride
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Part One
Part Two of this ride can be found HERE.
Part Three of the covered bridge tour can be found HERE.
A 300 mile, 11 hour, 10 covered bridges ride
June 1, 2013

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It was a perfect day although it didn't start out that way. Until we got to
Woodburn it was cool, overcast and stinging rain. Turned out to be a bluebird day
in the Willamette Valley though.

A word of advice: Links are provided that contain a lot of information about each
of these covered bridges. But take the directions with a grain of salt. The guy who
wrote them doesn't seem to know the difference between North and East... many of the
directions are vague or misleading... and in some cases downright wrong. So do your
homework as we did and be prepared to do some scouting to find some of these bridges.
GPS coordinates are included which should help our more high tech travelers.

Julie was beaming all day... which of course made the adventure worth doing. If you
visit the bridges in the order that they are displayed here, you will travel about
175 miles from bridge one to bridge ten.

Linn County, Oregon, covered bride overview

Covered Bridge 1: Abiqua Creek (Gallon House). This one was pretty easy to find.
GETTING THERE: Gallon Bridge

Covered Bridge 2: The Stayton-Jordan bridge. This one is in the town park so
very easy to find.

GETTING THERE: Jordan Bridge

Covered Bridge 3: Thomas Creek Shimanek. This one was slightly difficult to find,
partly because the web site direction were too vague coupled with the fact that there
were not any signs for 226 on the main highway through town.

GETTING THERE: Shimanek Bridge

Covered Bridge 4: Thomas Creek, Gilkey bridge. This one was more difficult to find,
partly because the web site direction were bogus. If you stop and ask directions
at the country store south of Scio they will give you easy to follow directions.
The bridge is a couple of miles and two turns from the store.

GETTING THERE: Gilkey Bridge

Crabtree Creek Hoffman bridge. This one was fairly easy to find although you need
to pay attention to the road signs.

GETTING THERE: Crabtree Bridge

There are more pictures of this ride HERE.

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