Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride along the Crown Point Highway
Historic Route 30 - Corbett, Oregon
Probably one of the last dry, half way warm days left in 2010
120 miles - 11/4/10


A gorgeous November, late Fall day... color is right about at peak.
Very strong winds these past several days so the trees will soon be bare.
Sams-Walker State Park, Skamania Landing, Washington.

The East face of Archer Mountain as seen from Sams-Walker State park

A nice Fall view of Oregon and the Columbia River from Sams-Walker State park.

A 1940's turbine from the Bonneville Dam. That's Table Mountain in the background.

The Bonneville Dam and locks on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.

Table Mountain and Greenleaf Peak to the right.
The dam's fish ladder below.

The Bradford Island Visitors Center, Bonneville Dam.

Left to right: Little Hamilton, Hamilton Mountain, Aldrich Butte.

Bonneville Dam Navigation Lock.

The West end of the Bonneville Dam lock.
That's Beacon Rock straight ahead.

The home of Herman the 247 pound (more or less) sturgeon.

This is the last roundup for the salmon who make this wrong turn.....

Horsetail Falls, Crown Point Highway.

Multnomah Falls is just too awesome to capture in just one shot.

Wahkeena Falls, Crown Point Highway

Archer Mountain taken at Wahkeena Falls

Latourell Falls, Crown Point Highway

The Vista House, Crown Point Highway

The view East from the Vista House. Very strong wind gusts up here today!

The view West from the Vista House

Aldrich Butte ride and hike

Archer Mountain ride and climb