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Hike to Mount Defiance
Along Starvation Ridge
A 10 1/2 hour, 14 mile, 4,936' elevation gain hike

Total miles hiked= 296.59; Total elevation gain= 81,786'
August 12, 2012

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We planned on doing Mount Defiance using the little known Cabin Creek Ridge approach.
The "trail guide" information we had was vague at best. Wound up not finding the
trail so we went up the traditional Starvation Ridge route. I believe we now know
the correct way to go so we'll be back.

There were very few people out here today... and the parking lot at Dog Mountain
was nearly empty. Very hot day (mid-90's) which may have kept people home. Or,
they were doing the obnoxious Bridge Pedal thing that shuts down Portland for half a day.

Previous hikes in this area are documented HERE and HERE.

Starvation Creek exit (Exit 55) off of I-84. No pass required at this time.
Hike West a short way and then turn up (left) the trail as seen in the upper left
picture. About a 1/2 mile from the trailhead, you'll come to a fork as seen in
the picture on the upper right. To do Starvation Ridge, you'd go left and up.
For Cabin Creek Ridge, go right and downward

Julie didn't bring her camera. And we've been here a gazillion times so I didn't
take many pictures this trip. Here's a shot of the Mount Defiance summit taken from
about three miles away (as the crow flies), about a mile before you get to the Mitchell
cut off trail.

It's pretty late in the season but there are still a lot of colorful weeds along
the shore of Warren Lake.

We were all alone on the Mount Defiance summit for most of the time. Pretty hazy
views due to the smoke from all of the forest fires burning in Washington and Oregon.

Julie wanted a picture of Warren Lake taken up on the ridge just below the summit.
Why? Beats me.... we've never gone this way before. Adds about 3/8 of a mile to the
hike but there are some nice views (and less people) if you go this way. From the
radio towers, you head west.. the trail loops around and eventually connects with
the traditional Defiance ascent trail. On the way up, you'll come to a fork about
a half mile from the summit. You can go straight up or turn right on the trail
with the two cairns and take the ridge to the summit.

On a clear, smoke-free day, the views from the ridge would be quite nice.
TOP: Mount Adams. Bottom: Mount St Helens, where we will be next Saturday.
At the Mount Defiance summit, that's Mount Hood in the background.

We knew it would be a hot day so we brought a LOT of water... but even so, we were
running on empty by the time we got to the first falls. It was very refreshing being
able to enjoy the cold, fast running water and spray.

This is the hole in the wall falls, about a half mile or so from the trailhead.

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