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Ride to Dismal Nitch, Skamokawa, Washington
The Columbian White Tailed Deer National Wildlife Refuge
The Pacific Ocean
Cathlamet, Washington
230 mile round trip ride - June 12, 2011

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Turned out to be a pretty crappy day even though the forecast said sunny and warm.
Thought this might be a good day to revisit some of the interesting towns and locations
along Washington Route 4 going towards the coast. Nice ride but cold and wet for the
last couple of hours.

Cathlamet, Washington

The Kimball Butler Hansen house, build in 1860

The lovely Doumit building (and IGA grocery), built in 1903

The Wahkiakum Museum. It's only open on weekends and even then only from 10-4.

The Bradley House Inn.

Glory's the Mary B and Lori B in Rainier, Oregon.

The bridge from Rainier, Oregon to Longview, Washington, across the Columbia River.

Skamokawa, Washington.

Astoria, Oregon

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