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Hike to The Dome
Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument
Also Mount Margaret, elevation 5,858'
Bear Camp, Mount Whittier, Whittier Ridge
A 9 hour, 15 mile in and out hike with 2,184' elevation gain
September 29, 2012

Total miles hiked= 348.98; Total elevation gain= 97,808'

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GETTING THERE: Details on getting to the Norway Pass trailhead and information
about the first several miles of this hike can be found HERE.

I'm not completely certain that this the The Dome but if the map is correct
it should be. The Dome is supposed to be mid-way between Mount Margaret and
Coldwater Peak and just to the right of the Boundary Trail #1. If that's the case,
then this is it. This landwark is a lot lower in elevation and a lot less prominent
than I expected. You have to lose a lot of elevation (and then regain it) to get
there. And it looks like a scramble to the top and a pretty uninteresting "summit"
once you get there. Seems to me that the views are a lot better on Mount Margaret
and Coldwater Peak....

This picture was taken from the top of Mount Margaret.

The object to the left seemed more likely since it's the only peak with an
elevation similar to Mount Margaret and Coldwater Peak (highest peak to the right).
We did stop here for lunch before heading back.

Here's a good view of Coldwater Peak (right), less the deep snow that's usually
up there when we try to climb it.

Lots of low clouds when we left the trailhead at 07:30. Julie was a good sport
about having to get up at 02:00 to get here. And as it was, we didn't have that
much daylight left by the time we got back to the car and it was already getting
chilly by 17:00.

This was the only half way decent view of Mount Hood we had all day.

Mount St Helens was mostly in the clouds all morning.

It will be snowing up here in a few more weeks. Still a lot of colorful weeds
along the trail though.

The view of Mount Margaret (top, far left) as seen from Bear Camp. It looks
closer than it is. You still have about three miles and 800' or so of elevation
gain to go before you get there.

Once we got past Norway Pass, conditions around Mount St Helens started to clear
a little. It turned out to be a very nice, warm, sunny day. Would have been a perfect
hike except that there were a LOT of people out here... much more than I ever expected.
And especially, *LOUD* people.... you could hear them coming two miles away.

Had some pretty fair views of Mount Rainier from time to time as well.

The view of Mount St Helens from Bear Camp.

And Mount Rainier from that same location. Bear Camp would be great except that
there's no water supply there....

I believe that's Grizzly Lake in the foreground.

Mount Margaret has been on the radar for a long time... ever since my failed
attempt to get here due to losing the trail due to deep snow. Now, a new one
gets added to the list. Whittier Ridge, a fairly exposed jaunt across Mount
Whittier. Probably won't do this one until next year (at least). Julie isn't
too keen on this one...

Lunch break about a half mile from The Dome.

Mount Margaret Summit. Elevation 5,852' according to my GPS.

The view of Mount St Helens and Spirit Lake from the Mount Margaret summit.

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