Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2015 Edition

2015 Lincoln County Oregon
Ghost Town Ride
Visit Elk City, Oregon
aka Newton, Oregon

Plus a few area Covered Bridges
A 393 mile, mostly loop tour

July 25, 2015

Coming from Portland you may want to consider hitting
these bridges in the order listed

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Lincoln County Covered Bridges

Drift Creek Covered Bridge

Chitwood Covered Bridge

Yachats Covered Bridge

Fisher School Covered Bridge

Hayden Covered Bridge (Benton County)

Ghost Towns

Kernville, Oregon

Elk City, Oregon

Coast Pictures

Depot Bay, Oregon

Seal Rock, Oregon

Here's a picture of the old general store.

Elk City is an unincorporated community in Lincoln County, in the U.S. state of Oregon. Lying along the Yaquina River east of Newport, it is on Elk City
Road off U.S. Route 20 at Toledo. Elk City lies at the confluence of Big Elk Creek with the river, about 23 miles (37 km) upstream from the Yaquina river
mouth. Ocean tides affect the water levels this far upriver.

Named for the creek, Elk City was "said to have been the first settlement in what is now 'Lincoln County'." A post office was established at this location,
then called Newton, in 1868. In 1888, the name was changed from Newton to Elk City. The Elk City post office closed in 1958.

The Corvallis and Yaquina Wagon Road Company established Elk City in 1866 by building a warehouse with a store and by laying out a town. A year later,
Elk City had a second store, a hotel, and a structure doubling as a church and schoolhouse. Boats regularly ascended the river to Elk City, the last stop
on the overland mail route of the time, and delivered mail downriver by water.

In the late 19th century, Elk City was one of the stops on the Oregon Pacific Railroad, linking the former port city of Yaquina to Corvallis and Albany.
After the Oregon Pacific failed financially, fell into receivership, and went through 17 years of financial and legal complications, it became a branch
line of the Southern Pacific in 1907.

Efforts to restore a covered bridge over the Yaquina River at Elk City fell short in 1981. Fund-raising for repairs had produced $20,000, and restoration
had begun when high winds caused another $90,000 damage to the structure. The county did not have enough money to pay for restoration or to pursue an
insurance settlement through the courts. The original bridge, built by the county in 1922, was a 100-foot (30 m) Howe truss span supported by wooden pilings
that suffered from rot.

Elk City Park, operated by Lincoln County, is in Elk City. The 2-acre (0.8 ha) area has 12 campsites, parking, day-use areas, and a boat launch. Elk City
Park is open all year, but the campground and restrooms are closed from November to March.

This may have been the old Elk City Post Office.

This is where the covered bridge was before it fell down.

The old Elk City Grange.

Here's more pictures of today's Elk City, Oregon segment.

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