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Hike The Elk Mountain - Kings Mountain traverse
Tillamook State Forest
Elk Mountain, el 2788'
Kings Mountain, el 3226'
An 8 hour, 11.66 mile hike with 4,200' total elevation gain

Miles hiked= 244.14; Total elevation gain= 69,455'
July 1, 2012

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GETTING THERE: The Elk Mountain Trail starts just off Highway 6 which runs from
Tillamook to Banks. From Portland, take Highway 26 west to Highway 6. From this
intersection take Hwy 6 for 46 miles west to milepost 28 and turn right at a sign
for Elk Creek Forest Park. Drive in .3 miles to a parking area across a small bridge
about 100 feet.

We do this as a loop, starting at the Kings Mountain trailhead which is just a short
ways west of the Elk Mountain parking area.

No pass is required, however the road is gated in the Winter. You can park at the gate
or on the shoulder of Highway 6. This area is part of the Tillamook Forest and is
managed by the Forest Service. This particular trail is more or less maintained by the Mazamas.
There is a box at the summits of both Elk and Kings Mountains where you should
kindly sign the Mazama guest register.

Did the Elk Mountain - Kings Mountain traverse in the Spring of 2012 with my BCEP Team.

The Kings Mountain trailhead parking is at about MP 25 on the Wilson River Highway
(Oregon Route 6). There's enough room for a dozen or so cars and there is a
permanent privy on site. No pass is required at this time.

Travel up (north) for 0.1 mile until you come to a well marked 4-way fork. Turn
right (east) and travel parallel to highway 6 for about 3 1/2 miles. This is a
fairly level, easy to follow trail. Go left when you come to a well marked fork that
goes north and up, up, up to Elk Mountain. This is not a "difficult" climb although
there is some bouldering and exposure. I've seen dogs on this segment but I'll bet
they don't like it much.

There's an easy rock hop across the creek where the bridge was washed out. This
creek was running a LOT faster and deeper when I was here last April.

Julie was absolutely giddy seeing the thousands of different colorful weeds up

Elk Mountain. There are several false summits and saddles before you get there.
you'll gain altitude only to give it up and have to reclimb before you get to
the top. I believe the true Elk Mountain summit is the mound to the left.

A view of Elk Mountain closer to the summit. This is not a hugely difficult
climb, as I said although there is certainly some exposure that might bother novice

There's some nice views up here (on a clear day). That's the Wilson River and the
Wilson River Highway waaaaaay down below.

Elk Mountain summit.

A view of Kings Mountain, about 4 miles away, from the Elk Mountain summit.

More pictures of the Elk - Kings traverse are HERE.

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