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2012 Edition

The Annual Glenwood Run
Ride to the Shade Tree Restaurant
Glenwood, Washinton
A 240 mile ride - May 12, 2012

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The 2011 Spring opener ride to Glenwood is posted HERE.

Washington State Highway 14 east to White Salmon. Left (North) on 141 to BZ Corner
Right onto the BZ-Glenwood Hwy to Glenwood. Turn right at Glenwood and follow the
highway along the Klickitat River (great views!) to the junction of hwy 142. Right
(west) on 142 to Lyle (more great views!). State Highway 14 west back to Portland.

Suzy is clean and shiny with fresh oil and a new oil filter. She's happy that
she's rolling down the road and Harley is stuck in the garage with dirty old oil.

Julie's happy that Spring is finally here after a long two year wait. Nice, sunny,
warm day with two happy goils. Life is good.

Beacon Rock (left), Hamilton Mountain (right).

Some nice views of Mount Adams along the BZ-Glenwood Highway.

Lunch at the Shade Tree restaurant... although it looks like the new owners
changed the name to The Mountain Inn. We recommend the traditional club sandwich
and fries.

Heading South along the Klickitat River. Nice view of Mount Adams and the river
waaaaaaaay down below.

The Klickitat Rail Trail caboose finally showed up... although it doesn't look
like the vintage, circa 1900's wooden caboose that used to run on this line....

Still... the Klickitat Rail Trail caboose is a nice little caboose.

Four pretty much identical Ford Model A's pulled into the Hamilton Rest stop
just above Lyle. These guys were even less friendly than I am.....

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