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2011 Edition

Ride to Glenwood, Washington
220 mile round trip ride - January 25, 2011

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This ride is my typical Season opener... usually done in mid-March or even
in February if it's been an especially mild Winter. This past Winter has been
anything but mild.. although we've seen a couple of dry days with blue sky and
temperatures in the high 40's - low 50's recently. Needless to say, I am not one
to squander a sunny riding day, so off we go!

Suzy needs a bath but she's happy any time she gets to ride and Harley gets to sit in the garage.

It's chilly, wet and overcast starting out. Here's a shot of the Columbia River
at the Cape Horn lookout.

Hamilton Mountain is pretty socked in also.

The Bridge of the Gods behind this heavily used train tressel.

It warmed up and cleared out a little once I got to Stevenson.

But still pretty overcast here in Little White Salmon just before I turned North.

Mount Hood is looking mighty frosty even after a week or two of high altitude rain.

ABOVE RIGHT: The mouth of the Klickitat River
BELOW: Mount Adams in the clouds

BZ Corner

More shots of Mount Adams along the BZ-Glenwood Road

Pretty frosty out here....

After 30 years in business, Jerry finally retired and sold the Shade Tree.

A nice couple who grew up in Glenwood have it now. A nice YOUNG couple... so I
should continue to have this nice place to drop by until I am no longer able to ride.
That makes me happy...

Way above the Klickitat River.

A shot of Mount Hood from the Route 141 fork between Goldendale and Klickitat

  Hike the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

                                                  Heartbreak Ridge  


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