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2012 Edition

Hike to Greenleaf Overlook
And Gillette Lake along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
Kidney Lake, Tamanous Trail #27
An 8 mile, 555' e.g., in and out hike
With a side trip to Wind Mountain
2.5 miles up and down, 1,171' e.g.
January 7, 2012

2012 Total miles hiked= 18.5; Total elevation gain= 3,976'

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I was out here in 2010 when I just started getting into hiking. This is not a
terribly exciting hike but the viewpoint is nice and there are very few people on
this trail... two big pluses. We were just looking for a fairly easy, low elevation
hike for a little exercise.

Previous PCT hike pictures of this area can be seen HERE.

Previous Wind Mountain hike pictures and getting there information can be seen HERE.

GETTING THERE: Bonneville Trailhead, right across the street (Washington Route 14)
from the Bonneville Dam Visitors Center.
This is Federally managed land so you need a NW Forest Pass or equivalent for day use.

It was a nice day (for January).... dry, warm-ish (40's).. it was very overcast
and foggy in the city but I hoped it would be blue skies East of Stevenson. It wasn't.
Thought we'd zip up to the top of Wind Mountain early before the tourists showed up.
Unfortunately, the mountain was completely socked in. The hike was a nice cardio warm up
and we do enjoy Wind Mountain a lot but there was absolutely no view at the top today.

The above refers to (for example) the trailer trash dwelling fucktards who
were "hiking" with their German Shepard dog off leash. Their aggressive mutt charged
ahead 50 yards or so ahead of them to our position where I had to hold him at bay
with my hiking poles. These dipzoids ignored repeated commands to control their
dog. I was fully prepared to defend myself with my hunting knife if it came to that...
but being attacked by an off-leash dog in a National Forest in violation of the law
is something that just should not happen.

I hate people and I especially hate stupid fucking people, which is why I enjoy the
solitude of hiking in the woods. It pisses me off big time to have to deal with
society's rejects in the wilderness....

And having to kill a badly behaved dog in self defense is not the outcome I had in
mind when I selected this particular hike to go on.

Of course if 54% of Americans weren't incredible imbeciles, Barack Obama would not be
President so let's hear it for stupidity in America....

Headed for North Bonneville and figured we'd do the little stroll to Greenleaf
Overlook. At 4 miles (x2) and 600' of elevation gain, you can't really call this
one a "hike". Not many good views over this way today either but Gillette Lake was
looking particularly aqua.

As you can see from the above picture, it was a very low ceiling. Hamilton, Table,
Greenleaf and so on were completely hidden from view.

Julie's happy, as usual, of course.

Woodpecker at work.

Not much of a view at Greenleaf Overlook either.

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