Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2012 Edition

Eastern Oregon Ghost Town Ride
Hardman, Yellow Dog, Raw Dog, Oregon
aka Dairyville and Dogtown
Oregon Highway 74, 206 and 207 tour
The Blue Mountains
Also Cecil, Ione, Lexington, Ruggs, Condon and Wasco, Oregon
With an overnight in Heppner, Oregon

A 450 mile loop ride
September 15, 2012

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This ride was originally planned for 2011.

This ride is sponsored by the clueless idiots at Occupy Portland. Living proof
that drugs will definitely fry your brain. Funded by the Billionaire George Soros
so that they can protest... wait for it.... WEALTHY PEOPLE! People that stupid
should not be allowed out in public without a handler.

Undeterred, we're off to enjoy what is probably one of the last warm, dry weekends
in 2012.

No problems finding fuel on this tour. There is no gas at the I-84/Highway 74
interchange so don't head down if you are on empty. There is an unbranded gas
station in Ione and Shell stations in Lexington and Heppner. The latter are open
on Sundays. There is a Hatts station in Condon, also open on Sunday. No gas that
we saw in Wasco or anywhere in between so you want to fill up in Heppner.

There are more pictures of this ride by clicking the links for:
Hardman part two, Heppner and Ione.

Most of the guides I have seen are pretty vague about how to find Hardman. The
town is right on highway 207, exactly 9 miles South of the Ruggs 206/207 junction.
The Hardman Community Center is right on the main drag (207). The highway is paved
and in good condition. All of the streets in Hardman are gravel. You can see pretty
much everything worth seeing in an hour, on foot. We didn't go up to the cemetery
since the gate was chained closed. No private property signs posted but didn't want
chance it. The cemetery is quite small and didn't look like there were that many
monuments up there. We'll probably return for pictures some other time.

As usual, we weren't in town for five seconds before the local car dealership
wanted Julie to be the SpokesModel for their 2013 pickup trucks that just came in.

This ride is part of the Oregon Blue Mountain Tour (more or less...)

There are several dozen full time residents in Hardman.. most of them live in
trailers. However, there are a few fairly nice homes here too. This one obviously
hasn't been inhabited for decades. These weathered homes and buildings, which
may have been abandoned for 100 years are still standing.. which certainly says
a lot about the quality and skill of the carpenters who built there structures.

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