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Ride to Hug Point, Oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon
A 180 mile ride to the Coast
August 4, 2012

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It's supposed to be in the high 90's in Portland today, so.... escaping the heat
we're off to the Coast.

This ride is sponsored by: 2012 America. Where right is now wrong and wrong is
now right. The Lunatics have taken control of the asylum.

As evidence of this, Adrianna Huffington, the Supreme Commander of the the Lunatic
Fringe movement, has written a book declaring that Americans who hold traditional
values are her opinion of the lunatic fringe! Talk about telling a lie often enough
and people will start to believe it!

While I am not a religious person at all, I believe that giving Cops and other
symbols of authority the finger is a fundamentally stupid and self-destructive thing
to do. So how much dumber is it to piss on God, the almighty supreme being? You gotta
be R-E-A-L-L-Y confident that God does not exist to do something so foolhardy, right?

Well, welcome to Obama's America where Government can threaten you simply because
you believe in the bible's teachings.... and where most Americans think that Government
punishing people's religious beliefs is perfectly fine.

I don't even particularly like bible thumping holy rollers but people have a right
to believe what they want to believe. It's interesting to me that these Liberal
fucktards who demand tolerance from others are the *LEAST* tolerant people on the
Planet if you don't happen to agree with their whack job beliefs and perverted
lifestyles. Tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others flows both ways, dipshits.

To be clear: The matter of so-called Gay marriage is a "don't care" issue for me.
If people can succeed in redefining marriage while working within the system, more
power to them. What I object to is the hateful, unfair name calling, bullying and
Government sanctioned coersion against people who happen to disagree with their
points of view. The Government "thought police" that we are seeing in Boston,
Chicago, San Francisco and elsewhere in America worries me. And it ought to
worry Liberals too. One day Gays, Lesbians, Liberals and so-called Progressives
may find themselves being oppressed by the very Government and corrupt media that
is currently supportive of their issues. Injustice does have a history of going full
circle over time.

It was a nice, cool ride to the coast and not much traffic. We stopped at
Cannon Beach to walk around and take pictures by these colorful weeds. The
parking quickly became a problem though. By the time we left, an hour or so
later, Cannon Beach had become a madhouse of Tourists. The coast would remain
wall-to-wall people all along Highway 101 for the rest of our time there.

The water was really blue today!

Had a nice picnic lunch looking out on the bay near Nahalem. It was getting
very hot and very crowded so we headed up 53 to Hamlet and then back home. The
Sunset Highway was backed up for many, many miles headed West.... had we left
Portland later, it most certainly would not have been a very pleasant ride.

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