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Ride to Idiotville, Oregon
Tillamook State Forest
Also Timber, Oregon
An 80 mile loop ride
October 23, 2012

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Inconvenient truths about Barry Soetoro aka President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama pledged to "fundamentally transform America". At this
he has been very successful... including having the gall to replace Old Glory with
his very own flag. For the first time in our history, we are being "led" by a
President who hates America and everything it stands for.

The "new" American flag (above) was designed by the Obama re-election team...
It seems only fitting, therefore, that this ride to Idiotville be dedicated to
the clueless, brain dead idiot lemmings who *STILL* support President Obama and who
would love to see him re-elected so that he can finish his mission of destroying
the United States of America as we knew it.

GETTING THERE: Idiotville is about 8 miles West of the Timber Highway cutoff.
Go West past Timber Road. The fourth Right will be Drift Creek road. Idiotville
(Ryan's Camp) is supposed to be about 1/2 mile North of that location. There are no
signs or markers for Idiotville. Idiot Creek Loop road runs off of Drift Creek road.
This is a very long, compacted gravel road and would require some investigation to
fully check out. Idiot Creek runs more or less parallel to Idiot Creek Road.

Due to it's remoteness and lack of clear documentation, it will probably take several
scouting missions to really scope out the area.
The GPS coordinates for Idiotville are:
45 37' 10" N, 123 25' 5" W

Idiotville is a ghost town located in Tillamook County, Oregon, United States,
near the mouth of Idiot Creek on the Wilson River, just to the North of Oregon Route 6.
Idiotville's elevation is 1200 feet. It is in the Tillamook State Forest, along the
Tillamook-Washington county line, approximately 50 miles west northwest of Portland.
Nothing remains at the site.

The nearby stream was named Idiot Creek after the community and was added to the
official United States Board on Geographic Names list in 1977. About a half mile up
Idiot Creek was a logging camp called Ryan's Camp, which was part of the salvage
operations following the Tillamook Burn. Since the spot was so remote, it was said
that only an idiot would work there, so the camp was popularly known as Idiotville.
The name was eventually applied to the stream.

The so-called Tillamook Burn was actually four fires that spanned from 1933 to 1951.
It's not known at this time which burn the Idiotville workers were involved with.
However, the 1933 event seems the more likely since it was the Depression and
therefore salvage operations would be a priority. Also, finding workers willing to
endure harsh conditions during the Great Depression would be easier. The first of
the four was started in the Gales Creek Canyon on August 14, 1933. The second fire
was started in 1939 and was contained within the bounds of the earlier fire.

Here is the access road to Idiotville. Drift Creek Road and Larch Mountain.
This is the view when heading West.

The road immediately changes to compacted gravel. The road is in good condition
and seems to be well traveled.

You'll almost immediately come up on a bridge that crosses the Wilson River.
I've seen several trip reports that erroneously state that this is the location
of Idiotville. In fact, Ryan's Camp (Idiotville) is about 1/4 mile North of this

A local we talked to said this bridge crossing is over Gales Creek but the Nat Geo
map I have says it's the Wilson River. Guess we'll ask the Ranger next time we go
to the Forestry Center that's down the road.

Continuing up the hill, the road quickly splits. The road to the right is
Drift Creek Road and heads up to Larch Mountain. I've also seen this road
listed as Larch Mountain Road.

Here's a look back at the bridge crossing the Wislon River as seen from further
up the hill.

If you take the road to the left (the Idiotville Loop Road) you will quickly
come up on another bridge. This one crosses the actual Idiotville Creek. Continuing
up the hill for about 1/4 mile, the creek will be on your right. The road will
take a sharp turn to the left, moving away from the creek. According to the reports
I've seen, Ryan's Camp was on the flat area down below on the left bank of Idiot Creek.

More investigation and research will be needed to verify this though.... however,
with the current information available, this seems like the most likely location
for this camp.

After 70-80 years I wouldn't expect to see much of a clearing left where the camp
used to be.

Since we were close by, we swung over to Timber, Oregon... an "interesting" burg
to say the least.

They have a Post Office and a Fire House...and that's about it.

And this "interesting" building that's right smack in the middle of town.

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