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Hike the Klickitat Rail Trail
From the Fisher Hill Bridge to the Pitt Trailhead
Meeting Place: Lyle Trailhead at 9:00 AM
A 9 mile, one way hike w/car shuttle

Total miles hiked= 146.10; Total elevation gain= 35,813'
May 6, 2012

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The entire Klickitat Rail Trail hike is documented HERE.

We did this same hike last Fall. Pictures from that hike are HERE.

Pictures from our 2011 Swale Canyon hike.

Here's some pictures of the Klickitat Caboose

Here's the story behind the Klickitat Caboose.

You couldn't have asked for a better day... sunny and in the 70's.. a BIG
difference from our hike up Table Mountain yesterday!

Lots of colorful weeds which of course was much to Julie's liking...

The Klickitat River was running fast and looked very refreshing.

Julie is definitely a happier camper today...

Jim Denton did a little quick trail maintenance limbing this blow-down that was
blocking the trail.

Julie made a friend along the way... she's a friend of Inspector 21 I think..

This hike ended at the Fisher Hill bridge.

Then a late lunch at our favorite Chinese place in Hood River.

As usual, Jim and Bev put on an outstanding hike. Julie and I really enjoy
attending these events several times a year. The KTC full meal deal Swale
Canyon hikes are great also.

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