Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

Visit Quarantine Bay in the Ghost Town of Knappton Cove, Washington
With stops in Cathlamet, Washington
The Grays River covered bridge
The Ghost Towns of Altoona, Cottardi Station, Dahlia and Pillar Rock
And the obligatory stop in Rainier, Oregon

A 235 mile loop ride
September 21, 2014

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Headed out early. It was just a tad chilly but warmed right up. Ran into a lot
of fog in Rainier and the ride didn't look too promising heading west. But it cleared
quickly. By the time I got to Cathlamet it was a gorgeous bluebird day. Turned out
to be a nice Fall ride although Autumn doesn't officially start until tomorrow.

Took Suzy this time. She likes Cathlamet and this pink house in particular.
The lady who owns the place was working out front when I got back and we chatted for
a while.

Here's more pictures of the Cathlamet, Washington segment.

And here's still more pictures of the Cathlamet, Washington segment.

Then swung by to check out Grays River Covered Bridge. We were out this way
in 2010.

Here's more pictures of the Grays River covered bridge segment.

Wanted to check out a few Ghost Towns that are along a well marked, dead end
road. The turn off is in the "center" of the whistle stop town of Rosburg, Washington.
Prior to 1931, there was no bridge to the peninsula so the only access was by boat.
Workers, primarily Chinese, lived at the canning facilities. A local told me that
people are always finding glass opium bottles... guess that's one way to keep happy
workers on the job....

The road is narrow in places with some loose gravel. But considering that it's a
dead end with very few people living out here, the road is in remarkably good condition.

Here's more pictures of the Cottardi Station segment.

Then down the road a few miles to the Ghost Town of Altoona, Washington. A local
told me that the cannery that stood on these pilings fell down a few years ago
when a big storm hit. Logs battered the pilings and caused the structure to sway.
A heavy iron boiler (center right) inside the cannery was just too much weight and
the whole thing came crashing down.

The same guy who told me about the boiler mentioned that the ride along Eden Valley Road
is interesting and that there are a few undocumented Ghost Towns out that way. So..
that ride is now on the radar.

Here's more pictures of the Altoona, Washington segment.

Also stopped at the Ghost Town of Dahlia, Washington which is close by. Nothing
left now but I understand it was a busy place during the salmon canning days. Here's
pictures of the Dahlia, Washington segment.

Pillar Rock is at the very end of the peninsula. It's all private property
now and the access road is gated. There's supposed to be an old cannery there
that is still standing. I got lucky and some nice lady was heading out just when
I got there. She told me a lot about the history of that old property and about
some interesting but not well known local attractions. I would have loved it if
she had let me in for a look and photo op but I didn't want to impose and she didn't
offer. Oh well....

Here's pictures of the Pillar Rock, Washington segment.

Visited the Quarantine Bay Medical Heritage Museum

I had planned on heading North at Naselle for a run up to Cosmopolis. But the
clouds in that direction looked pretty threatening. The lady at Pillar Rock told me
about the old Quarantine Bay station that was there long before they built the
highway. Only accessible by boat. So... Cosmopolis will have to wait.

The Medical building/museum, surrounding property and structures and even part
of the bay is privately owned by an elderly but still very spry Brother/Sister couple.
The Mister served in WWII and Korea.

The museum is maintained by 100% volunteer efforts and small private donations. I saw
no signs saying that there was an admission fee although there is a donation jar inside.
The Miss was VERY gracious and very knowledgeable regarding the facts and history of
the area. The museum is only open on Saturdays 1-4 and only during the Summer.
However, the owners live in the adjacent homes and will open up "by appointment".
They maintain a WEB SITE and are accessible via e-mail and phone: 503 738-5206.

Here's more pictures of the Quarantine Bay Medical Heritage Museum segment.

Knappton Cove is in the same location as the Quarantine Bay station. However, I
believe that the Ghost Town of Knappton Cove predates the medical facility. After
all.... quarantine means quarantine. I don't know (but perhaps I'll find out) if
the lumber mill was in operation at the same time. The mill was the primary
source of employment in Knappton Cove. There was also residency by at least
one of John Jacob Astor's fur trading party that operated across the river in
Seattle. Chief Comcomly (1765-1830) figured prominently in the affairs of this area
when it was in operation.

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