Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2014 Edition

Spring flower hikes
And a side trip to Catherine Creek
Along the Klickitat Rail Trail
A 6 mile, 4 hour easy stroll
April 5, 2014

Miles hiked= 149.93; Total elevation gain= 8,984'

2013 Totals: 246.55 miles, 59,412' elevation gain
2012 Totals: 367.58 miles, 101,161' elevation gain

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More information about the Klickitat Rail Trail can be found HERE.
More information about Catherine Creek can be found HERE and HERE.

Pictures of our 2013 colorful weeds hike can be found HERE and HERE.

Pictures of our 2014 Colorful Weed Hikes can be found HERE.

Not that I care about colorful weeds so much, especially now that Julie is gone.
But..... it's a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon. I like the Klickitat Rail
Trail guys and I do enjoy attending their various annual events and activities.

This is an annual event for the Klickitat Trail Conservatory.
I shot all of today's pictures using my Nikon D7000 in manual mode and I have been
experimenting with shooting in RAW mode. So do you think these pictures look better
(or worse) than what I usually post here?

It poured buckets in the city but it was pretty nice out Lyle way. A couple of
sprinkles but overall a very nice, comfortable day. The colorful weeds are just
starting to pop. The color will probably be a lot better in a week or ten days from

Barb and Steve did a great job, as usual. Very informative nature hike. These
guys really know their colorful weeds!

Pictures of today's Catherine Creek segment.

And a stop at the Panda for lunch before heading home. Yum!

Many thanks to the KTC for another great day!

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