Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Lost Lake
Mount Hood National Forest - 7/17/10

200 miles round trip


Columbia River

Fort Cascades, North Bonneville, Washington
Not many artifacts left after 150 years

Bonneville Dam, Columbia River

Oregon Grape, growing in the wild

A coupla guys way far away fishin the Columbia. Good zoom lens, huh?

Hamilton Mountain and little Hamilton Mountain to it's left
A non-trivial, all day hike... pics here

The bridge from White Salmon Washington to Hood River, Oregon
Not an easy crossing on a motorcycle when the winds are gusting like today

Wind surfing the Columbia River

This road is known as the Fruit Loop.
Apples and other fruits grow here in abundance

Lost Lake, Mount Hood National Forest

It's a 3.2 mile hike around the lake. Not a terribly difficult walk

Highway 35 from Hood River, Oregon to Government Camp
Vehicles crash into deer, antelope and elk all the time

Heading for home. Around Zigzag, Oregon on US 26

Ride to Hamlet, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park ride