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2014 Edition

Explore the Lower Nahalem Highway
Along Foss Road, the Salmonberry and Nahalem Rivers
With stops at Cannon Beach and Garibaldi, Oregon

A 7 hour, 120 mile ride
March 7, 2014

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Also see The Salmonberry Trail.

GETTING THERE: Highway 26 (The Sunset Highway) West. Just past highway 103 and
as you come into the town of Elsie, Oregon, turn left (South) onto Foss Road also
signed as the Lower Nahalem Highway. Go about 14 miles and you'll come to a bridge
at the confluence of the Salmonberry and Nahalem Rivers. Head right (West) and
follow Foss road along the river until you get to the Coast.

It wasn't so wonderful here in town but once I got over the Coast Range it
turned into a gorgeous bluebird day. Nice and warm walking around! This ride
turned out to be an unplanned adventure. Just the sort of adventure that Julie
used to take a day off work to go on. Guess those days are gone forever... :(
...which is too bad since this is just the type of outing we used to really enjoy
going on. Oh well... maybe Mr. Wonderful (aka Fletch II), who is better than me
in every way, charts more wonderful courses than I do on his wonderful 2014 Harley
Electra Glide CVO. Wonderful......

Turned out that the Foss Bridge was closed. The river was high but not high
enough to go over the bridge roadway so maybe the bridge was damaged? Never
got close enough to see. There was a washout on the Lower Nahalem Highway
just past the Henry Rierson Spruce Run campground. Crews were working on it
and you could get by... but there was a lot of loose gravel on the roadway
and I didn't feel like trying to ride Suzy through the mud, so I turned back
and headed West.

I'll have to come back but this road is much too beat up for a heavy cruiser.
I'll take the softtail next time.

So.... plan B was to get gas at the Hamlet General Store (the one from the
movie Kindergarten Cop)... and then go down Highway 53 to Mohler. Then come back
on Foss Road from the other end. But they don't sell gas anymore!

So plan C was to run out to Seaside for fuel and then down 101 for a visit to
Cannon Beach.

Then South on 101 to Nahalem, highway 53 to Mohler and then back up the other
end of Foss Road. Which, as it turned out, was washed out 7 miles from Mohler.

Then back on highway 101 with an interesting stop in Garibaldi.

There are more pictures of today's stop in Garibaldi HERE.

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