Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2018 Edition

My 71st (ugh) b'day road trip of a lifetime
To see aliens, holes in the ground, waterfalls
A Prius on it's roof, a druged out broad getting arrested
And a pissed off Park Ranger giving a well deserved ticket to some
California Dickweed.

Not to mention a great train ride!

An Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Utah 3095 mile road trip

Travel Nevada Highway 50, the lonliest road in America
With stops in the Ghost Towns of:
Pioche, Nevada
Caliente. Nevada
Alamo, Nevada
Cathedral Gorge, Nevada
McGill, Nevada
Majors Place, Nevada
Eureka, Nevada
Paradise Valley, Nevada
Denio Junction, Nevada
Ely, Nevada

The Northern Nevada Railroad, Ely, Nevada

Area 51, Rachel, Nevada

The Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Village and The South Rim
Yaki Point
Yavapai Point

Ride the Grand Canyon Railway

Williams, Arizona
Tuba City, Arizona
Vermilion Cliffs

Grand Canyon North Rim
Bright Angel Point
Point Imperial
Roosevelt Point
Cape Royal

Lake Mead, Hoover Dam

Travel the famous and historic Route 66
Peach Springs, Arizona
Seligman, Arizona

Zion National Park

Garrison, Utah
Adel, Oregon
Paisley, Oregon
Fort Rock, Oregon

With other stops:
Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho

3095 Miles
June 1, 2018 - June 8, 2018

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We were in Nevada in 2016 and 2018.

These images were made with my Nikon D810 camera and my
Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F/1.4 ZF.2 manual focus Lens.

So we're in the middle of nowhere taking pictures. We're at the very
end of a huge, dirt parking lot where there is some sort of a general
store. The place doesn't look open or even still in business.

So I'm just about done taking pictures and I see this guy headed my way.
Uh-oh... this looks like trouble my internal radar tells me. I usually
like to have Julie between me and any dipwads we run into since she's a
lot better dealing with them than I am. But, she's off doing her Ansel
Adams imitation so I'm on my own.

Turns out, this guy is the Father of the kid on a bicycle we passed a few
miles back. He, the Father, is writing a book on how people spend their
retirement years. The kid is cycling from Virginia to SFO and the
Father flew in to Nevada to visit with him while he (the kid) is on his

So he (the Father) decides to meet him i(the kid) in Majors Place, Nevada....
literally in the middle of nowhere. We had only planned on spending 5 minutes
to take pictures but wound up killing over a half hour chatting with this fellow
before his kid finally showed up. You just never know who you're going
to run into out in the boondocks...

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