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Ride to Klickitat, Washington
Visit the site of the old Mineral Springs
October 30, 2011

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The entire Klickitat Rail Trail hike is documented HERE.

This particular segment is documented in much greater detail HERE.

Also a nice KRT Fall foliage hike is described HERE.

Site of the old Klickitat Mineral Springs business. This building (or what's
left of it) is in a Washington State park off of State Route 142. The new rip-off
"Discovery Pass" is required here....

The chimney is a roosting home for vaux swifts (a bird similar to the swallow).
You can click on the image above to enlarge it.

The trailhead, described in detail HERE has some nice Fall colors now.

It's a nice pastural view across the Klickitat River...

A view of the old mineral springs building from the other side of the river.
This view can be had for free....

100 years later (more or less), sparkling, carbonated mineral water still flows out
of this pipe. Sometimes it gushes out. Other times, the flow is significantly reduced,
as it is now. According to the experts, there is no particular time/season for high
outputs. Water could be rushing out at any time and an hour or two later, hardly anything.
When the pressure is on, water flows out of the top like a fountain. Or, like a wah-tah
bub-blah, as we say back East.

There's another pipe close by but the water coming out of this one is far less
appealing. Reminds me of something that the hapless hero in "Swamp Thing" drank...


Someone set themself up with a little shelter... although not very helpful on
a day like today. It's been pouring buckets all day in Portland. And while
the Klickitat weather is relatively better, it's still showering here
on and off. It was fairly dry and clear this morning but by the time I left, the
fog ceiling had lowered to only a couple of hundred feet and was falling fast.

A view of the sites pictured above taken from across the Klickitat River at the
Mineral Springs building.

I like this old barn, as you can probably tell. A stallion and a couple of mares are
out now... and the fog is definitely getting thicker.

One last shot of the mineral springs building and I'm outta here.
But... I'll be back in January for the eagle nesting.... hope to get some
good pictures of that over by Balfour.

I also want to get over to Goldendale and get some pictures of the caboose before
it moves to it's new home in Klickitat.

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