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Dead of Winter Ride 1: Vernonia
Dead of Winter Ride 2: Cathlamet
Dead of Winter Ride 3: Cascade Locks
Dead of Winter Ride 4: Mist

Dead of Winter ride to Mist, Oregon
Also Birkenfeld, Jewell, Natal and Vesper
And Camp 18 in Elsie, Oregon
A 4 1/2 hour, 130 mile loop ride from my house

February 26, 2014

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We were out here in 2010. Pictures of that ride are HERE.

There's not much to see in Mist anymore. This old general store burned down
some years back.

The Natal School, Natal, Oregon. Bult in 1908

It was a nice day (for the dead of Winter...). 40's, heavy ovecast and got
sprinkled on a little going over the coast range. But it was actually pleasant
weather when I stopped various times to take these pictures.

The Natal Grange building, built in 1901

The Mist-Birenfeld Community Church. I talked to a local who was in his 70's
who told me that he attended school here when this was a two room schoolhouse.

I like getting out to these little towns where the people are normal. Reminds
me of Northern New Hampshire where many generations grew up in the same house.

There's more pictures of Birkenfeld HERE.

The Emmanuel Episcopal church, Vesper, Oregon. Built in 1915

There's not much in Jewell either. Just this intersting building on the main drag.
You really are pretty much out in the boondocks here....

Then on to Camp 18 in Elsie, Oregon.

There's more pictures of Camp 18 HERE.

There's more pictures of Birkenfeld HERE.

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