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Return to Monitor Ridge
Mount Saint Helens Rim Summit
Elevation 8,365'
A 9 hour, 9 mile, 4,565' elevation gain climb
August 18, 2012
September 8, 2012

Total miles hiked= 305.59; Total elevation gain= 86,351'

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Back again... this time with Julie. Better late than never, right?

I did this climb last year. Click HERE for pictures of that hike.

Booked our permits at 09:15 on February 1, 2012, fifteen minutes after they went on
sale. By 09:30, pretty much all of the weekend days for July, August and September
were gone!

Success!!!! Julie looks pretty refreshed for someone who just climbed her first
glacial mountain peak. Now Julie is qualified to join the Mazamas!

The early morning sunrise over Mount Adams was nice. It was warm-ish heading
out at 04:22. It was a comfortable temperature all the way up until we got to the
summit where it was cold and very windy. Not all that nice at the top so we didn't
dawdle. Took our pictures and then headed down a ways to a more sheltered location
before stopping to have lunch.

We timed things just about right. It was just getting light when we hit the boulder

There were a lot of colorful weeds up here which of course made Julie happy.

And a marmot....

This crevase was one of several on the way up. You can't really tell from this
picture but if you were to fall in it, it would be a very long drop to the bottom.

The view from the summit looking towards Mount Adams.

A view of the lava dome from the Mount St Helens summit. It's grown noticeably
larger since I was up here last year. That's Mount Rainier off in the distance.

It was a tiring 9 hour climb. We were happy to get back to the car and to the
Lone Fir for a yummy all meat pizza!

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