Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2012 Edition

Ride to Oysterville, Washington
Willapa Bay, Long Beach Peninsula
A Washington State Ghost Town
Also Cathlamet, Washington
Nahcotta, Washington And Fort Columbia
A 260 mile ride
September 1, 2012

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We visited Oysterville in 2011 and Fort Columbia in 2010.

And now a word from our sponsor: The Eloise Wife Disposal Company:

If ducks were meant to fly, they would have wings.

who look at the [American] flag as a brazen symbol of might and oppression...
Get the fuck out of America and take your pals Obama and Biden with you!

This was probably the last good weekend in 2012 to take this ride. It was a
nice "End of Summer" adventure.

The people who own these homes in Oysterville are exactly the wealthy, "not
paying their fair share of taxes" people that President Obama uses as punching
bags for his class warfare rhetoric on a daily basis. Interestingly enough
(at least to me), Oysterville is wall-to-wall Obama-Biden 2012 lawn signs....
I'm guessing that these obscenely wealthy yuppies did too many drugs and fried
their brains while they were burning their draft cards and protesting the war....

The Oysterville Sea Farms is an interesting place. You can get "fresh"
seafood trucked in from Alaska. The people who work there are even crabbier
than I am. They serve food but apparently it isn't very good because pretty
much no one buys any. They have very unfriendly "keep out" and "don't bring in
any outside food" signs all over the place... but their deck is a shit hole and
there isn't even a single bench or table to sit on out there. Yet another example of
how American businessmen just don't seem to "get it".... There was a young kid
working there who seemed friendly enough. So perhaps there is hope for the
next generation.

The 2013 models are out and of course the locals were thrilled to see Julie.
Naturally they wanted her to be their SpokesModel for this month's edition of
Better Yachts and Dingys.

Julie found us a nice little secluded bench with a view to enjoy lunch on.

Then on to Fort Columbia. They now require a Washington State Discovery Pass...

A nice $3 ferry ride from Cathlamet, Washington to Westport, Oregon.

I liked these pictures....

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