Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2012 Edition

Ride to Shaniko, Oregon
A living Ghost Town
Also Kent, Oregon
Another nearby ghost town
Maupin, Oregon - Bakeoven Road
And Moro, Oregon
A 300 mile loop ride
July 4, 2012

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We were out this way in 2010 with the Dilligafs.
Here's some pictures of our 2010 Original Easyrider® Shaniko, Oregon ride.
More pictures of Maupin and Shaniko taken on our 2010 ride there.
Here's some pictures of our 2011 ride.
And here's more pictures of our 2011 ride.

There are lots more pictures of this ride HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

American Independence Day, 2012

Maupin bears the name of one of the most celebrated of Oregon pioneers. Howard
Maupin was born in Clay Co., Kentucky in 1815, and came to Oregon in 1863. He first
settled in Antelope Valley.

The [in]famous central Oregon Chief Paulina and his renegade Indians stole all of
Maupin's stock shortly after he settled in Antelope Valley. Maupin established a
stopping place for travelers and in 1871 was the first postmaster of the town of
Antelope. He had a farm at the forks of Trout Creek and it was near that location
that Paulina stole more of his stock. Maupin pursued the Indians and surprised them
near Paulina Basin, where he killed the old chief, who had been the terror of settlers
for several years.

Maupin was a veteran of the Mexican War and was said to be a crack shot. Later he had
a ferry on Deschutes River near the mouth of Bakeoven Creek, which was subsequently
owned by W.E. Hunt. The place was then called Hunts Ferry. W. H. Staats bought the
town site when the railroads were built up Deschutes Canyon and named the place Maupin
Ferry, but the postal authorities cut off the last word and since about 1909 the place
has been called Maupin ever since.

It was a perfect bluebird day. Wonderful views, especially going over Bakeoven Road
and along Highway 97. There are a lot of mountan tops to look at on this ride!

A water dispute with your wonderful Government pissed off the owner of this
hotel enough where it was easier and less painful for him to just shut it down.
Nice going Bureaucrats! This was a thriving little "Ghost Town", generating
jobs, income, tax revenue and so on ... now the property just sits empty doing
no one any good. Apparently, the Willamette Valley isn't the only place where
you'll find Liberal Democrat Commies holding public office...

Not that we care... thriving communities with thriving businesses mean people....
lots of people. So it's much better for us if Oregon continues being an environment
that's hostile towards small business. Oregon will be a *MUCH* better place when
all that's left living here are State University indoctrinated, unemployed, know-
nothing, medical marijuana card carrying "Occupy" nit-wits, right?

But of course the locals were thrilled to see Julie show up. The new car models just
came in and of course they want Julie to be the SpokesModel for them again this year.

There were colorful weeds everywhere so Julie was a very happy goil.

There are more pictures of this ride HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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