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Hike to Silver Star Mountain, elevation 4390'
A 6 hour, 9.28 mile hike

Miles hiked= 264.74; Total elevation gain= 73,377'
July 14, 2012

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The best directions I've found for the Grouse Vista Trailhead.

Once at the trailhead, it's unclear which trail to take up to Silver Star Mountain.
The trail you want is the one on the opposite side of the road from the sign, on the
North side of the road. The trail you don't want is on the South side and goes to
Larch Mountain.

No passes are required at this time.

The colorful weeds were in bloom big time along the Grouse Vista trail.
Naturally, this made Julie happy and when Julie is happy, I'm happy. You
can see the Indian "vision quest" Fire Pits high up and off in the distance.

It was pea soup fog up here in the morning. You could barely see beyond a few
yards away. The cloud cover did burn off a little by mid-day but even still it
was far from a bluebird day up here.

We couldn't even see Pyramid Rock when we came by at around 09:00... now, at
14:30 there is at least something to see.

That's the Silver Star Mountain summit about 2 miles off in the distance.
This is most certainly not going to be one of our favorite hikes. In fact,
Silver Star is easily the WORST hike we have ever been on! If you love being
around people....LOTS of people..... and people who are total fucktards, then
you may well like the Silver Star Mountain hike. But listening to loud mouthed
idiots who can be heard miles away is not our idea of "being one with nature"
and traveling silently through the wilderness. There were several groups of
a dozen or so at a time... and very few of the people we saw could be called
"Hikers"... we saw a lot of refuse and litter along the way... almost got run
down (twice) by some Lezzie dipzoid who was in a huge hurry to park her shitbox
and certainly didn't seem to think that my life was very important. If you ever
wondered where the Portland Idiot Society meets, the Grouse Vista Trailhead
would be the place to find them.

The last half mile to the Silver Star Mountain summit was a total bust. There was
absolutely no view due to the fog and there were several dozen fucktards perched
on top of the rocks having lunch.... tired and famished after an exhausting three
mile stroll..... there were a few people on the Grouse Vista trail... but when we
got to the 180/172 junction there was a constant stream of yo-yos coming up the
hill from Eds Trail. You could probably have a more relaxing rest at the Skidmore
fountain at lunchtime on a workday.

We discovered that the 2 mile out and back trail to the Indian Pits is a much
preferred route. Although that same herd of clods from the summit showed up
there just as we were leaving. You could hear them coming miles away.....

This picture is not over-exposed. It's just still very foggy out here.

To give you some idea of the "leave no trace" commies who come out here, one
of these fire pits had an empty liter sized Gatoraid bottle in it. The young
Indian boys who came up here for thousands of years for their vision quest would
certainly be impresed with the White man's respect for their sacred location.

A view of the Grouse Vista trail and Pyramid Rock as seen from the Indian Pits.

A semi-peaceful lunch spot except that we could hear that herd of "nature lovers"
a mile before they got here. I'm guessing that it may be fairly peaceful here
on weekdays, especially after school starts.

I'm not sure that I want to encourage even more tourists to come out here...
but since it's unlikely that Julie and I will be returning any time soon....
The Indian Pit sign at the fork was quite a bit smaller than we were expecting.
The trail is fairly obvious, even to city dwellers... the trail does get fairly
overgrown just before you get to the Pits clearing but since you are on a ridge,
navigation should not be a problem even in heavy fog.

There are other trails out here that are likely less traveled than Grouse Vista and
Eds. If we ever return, the Tarbell trail to the Sturgeon (180C) trail only adds
a mile or so to this hike and is likely a LOT less crowded. Doing this would also
make for a nicer loop hike rather than just going up and down the Grouse Vista trail.

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