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Stardate 12661.2
aka August 29, 2012
aka Julie's Birthday

Hike to Table Mountain
Via the PCT/Three Corner Rock, Northern approach
A 13 1/2 mile hike with 3,400' elevation gain
Including Cedar Mountain, elevation 1,929'

Miles hiked= 320.09; Total elevation gain= 89,901'

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NOTE TO SELF: Don't plan any strenuous hikes for Julie's b'day. She was not a happy
goil and I had to listen to Eloise bitching and screeching about it all night...

Of course it didn't help that I almost got her killed by a rock avalanche. This frigging
*HUGE* boulder looked pretty solid but when I barely touched it, down it flew.
This thing weighed waaaaaaay more than I do. Luckily it was beside me and not in front
of me! By the time it got down to Julie, who was 100' or so below me it had really
picked up steam. It went roaring off the ledge and fell a couple of thousand feet
below us. So even when you think you are on a fairly easy hike, your life could be
over in a flash.

I thought this would be a nicer, easier hike than it turned out to be. I had scoped out
an access route to Table Mountain via the North face a few weeks ago. This is the
hike we did.

GETTING THERE: We parked at the Aldridge Butte trailhead and hiked over Cedar Mountain.
You can save yourself a mile by taking the traditional Table Mountain access trail
instead (although the Cedar Mountain route is more interesting and you are unlikely
to see any people on it).

Once you get to the PCT, go past the West kiosk (and past the Heartbreak Ridge kiosk
if you took the traditional approach). Go past the power lines. About two miles
from the West kiosk, you'll come to a dirt service road. Turn right (uphill).
At the top of an easy grade, the road will fork in several directions. You want the
trail that goes straight ahead. This trail is narrower than the service road but is
a well defined, well traveled trail. The trail was overgrown with tall shrubs that
encroached on the trail in many places. Nevertheless, navigation was easy since you
are on a ridge for the most part. There's some exposure but no knee-busting
Heartbreak Ridge or boulder field to content with. You'll add about 4 miles to
a Table Mountain hike going this way but it's a more interesting route with very
few people.

Information about getting to the Aldridge Trailhead.

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Julie at the Table Mountain summit.

A nice viewpoint on Cedar Mountain at the false summit.

And a nice viewpoint on the North face of Table Mountain a few hundred feet
from the summit.

The view of the Two Chiefs and Bonneville Dam from a viewpoint coming down from
Table Mountain via the West ridge.

A view of Table Mountain from the West Ridge viewpoint.

A view of Table Mountain from the top of Cedar Mountain.

A view of Sacawajea and Little Papoose rock taken from that same vantage point.

Lunch at the Table Mountain summit....

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