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Visit the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad
Elbe, Washington

There's more pictures of the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad here

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It poured buckets all around us all day long. But amazingly, we managed to stay

Decided to take Julie to Elbe, Washington to ride the train there. On Thursdays
they run a diesel locomotive. I gather they run a steamer on weekends. The crew
was very gracious. Lots of great historical information from the various workers
at the Mineral Maintenance Yard. Lots of restored equipment and equipment being
restored. Some of the stuff in the "boneyard" was pretty interesting too.

By some lucky chance, we were invited to ride in the locomotive on the return trip.
We were going backwards so not quite the same effect as sitting in the cab in the
PDX-SEA Amtrak but very interesting watching the Engineer working the controls.
They offer a number of discounts, including a generous discount for AAA members....
It's a little over $20 for an adult fare... a very good value, IMHO, considering
what you get.

Many thanks to the folks at the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad for a great day!

There are a few places to eat in Elbe but none that we visited were very good.
The pizza is $5 a slice and really isn't very good. The restaurant in the club
car has VERY slow service.... looked like there was just one person working there.
We hung around for 15 minutes and since she still hadn't taken our order, we decided
to look elsewhere. There's a burger shack across the street that may or may not be OK.
The general store has pre-made sandwiches. Nothing looked appetizing in Morton so we
didn't stop there. We had dinner at Spiffys which always has excellent fare.

2014 UPDATE: Stopped in Elbe this Summer and had lunch at Scaleburger. Not the
World's greatest but still pretty decent. Had the "Overload" and fries. No complaints.

This little church was built in 1906.

You can stay at the Hobo Inn which are individual rooms built inside vintage cabooses.
Looks like a room is $111 per night... plus the additional and numerous Washington
State taxes, local fees and so on.

There's more pictures of the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad here

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