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Steaming to Salmonberry, Oregon
Riding the McCloud River Railroad No. 25 Locomotive
On the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
Garibaldi to Salmonberry

Postponed due to a landslide in Mohler
May 17, 2014

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This is a rare, possibly once-in-a-lifetime ride that would have been a lot of
fun to go on with "what's-her-name?". But, just because she's not interested doesn't
mean I'm going to sit at home waiting for my phone to ring.

I'm planning to document the Salmonberry Trail this year so this will knock off a
30-something mile stretch of it in one shot!

Pictures of past visits to Garibaldi are here: 2014.

The weather dorks said it would rain today. It didn't. Started out cloudy but
was warm and blue sky by noon.

This train ran from Wheeler, Oregon to Salmonberry which is quite a lot longer
than their usual tourist runs. $150 but that included transportation from Beaverton,
lunch, snacks, beverages and so on. The ride was a few hours too long for me....
... 6 1/2 hours. Waaaay too many people for my taste and of course no place to hide
from them. Finding a good vantage point to take pictures was problematic... still,
I had a good time and I'm glad I went. This will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime
activity for me though. No burning desire to ever do it again.

There were 150 or so passengers and one kid. An ill-behaved, poorly supervised
little bastard. I was standing at the back of the train minding my own business
when this little snot just came up and belted me. I would have loved to have
picked the little cocksucker up and thrown him overboard but I suppose then
everyone would get mad at me.

I guess it's nice that this little prick could get a day away from the trailer
he lives in but I think these train guys should charge $10,000 per ticket for
anyone under ten years of age.

Most of these guys were "train buffs" and members of various steam train clubs.
And their wives who seemed mostly bored being there. A pretty cliquey bunch of
old geezers who talked non-stop but had little of interest to say. I did run
into a Navy Vet who was a few years older than me. We had quite a few shared,
mutual experiences. Always fun talking to an old salt who's "been there".

End of the line. The Foss Road bridge in Salmonberry. The track is pretty beat
up past this point. Unlikely that there will ever be rail service past here again.

There are more pictures of this segment HERE.

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