Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Thanksgiving with Eloise.
November 25, 2010


It's been a tough week up here on the hill, weather-wise. Luckily, I did my shopping Saturday before the stormy weather hit... picked up a nice 20# Butterball turkey, all the fixings and a tin of Planters whole cashews for Ell. Anyone who knows Eloise knows that she only like Planters... and the whole cashews... not the el-cheapo brands of broken up peanuts. Nothing but the best for the Queen of the Woild®

Not a bad day today although they are predicting snow, freezing rain and generally not wonderful weather for later today and tonight. It's been in the low teens at night here and below freezing during the day. Some snow although the roads are mostly clear now. Currently low 30's, heavy overcast and no precipitation (yet).

There's a nice meal cooking... relatively healthy and low fat too (no pies or spuds this year) but portion control is going to be a major casualty today.... the house smells very nice and we should be eating at around 14:00. Pictures of Thanksgiving with Eloise follow...

Just in case I become homeless at some point, here's a couple of pictures of the old homestead. I've lived here for just under 25 years... far and away longer than I've ever lived anywhere else in my life. Ell has been here with me the entire time. With luck, they'll carry me out of here with my boots on. I worry about what will happen to her when I'm gone though.

Here's Eloise and the menagerie... Ell showing off her Halloween pumpkin. I'll be lucky if I can get it away from her by February. GingerSon (left) has a birthday coming up. Margaret (right) is Ell's life partner. Also in the picture are Piglet, Yogurt, Rainbear, Mad Cow and Starbuck. And Pecklynn. I always forget someone.

A nice family photo. Gizmo (center, rear) joined us.

Ell cooked up a nice turkey this year.

And a lovely meal it was!

Ride to Aldrich Butte and hike to the summit