Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2012 Edition

Ride to Trout Lake, Washington
Via Glenwood and Klickitat, Washington
A 260 mile ride
July 29, 2012

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And with the Eloise Wife Disposal Company wood chippers running 7/24, they very
well could be ... :)

Note to the Clackamas Towne Center management who banned displaying the American
flag in "their" mall... and to the businesses who lease space in the anti-American
run Clackamas Towne Center mall: You don't want to see the American flag inside your
mall? Then you don't want to see me inside your mall either!



KGW, KPDX, KOIN chose to not even cover this outrage!
Had the Clackamas Towne Center instead banned the Mexican flag, the Pink Triangle
Homosexual Rights flag or some other whack job icon, you'd be seeing the story
spread all over the National media. The owner of Chick-fil-A states his *PERSONAL*
support for traditional marriage and the corrupt media and left wing whack jobs
have been coming out of the woodwork for weeks!

I guess I was napping. When did God, Country, the American flag and hetrosexuality
become things to be scorned?

This ride was mostly a scouting mission to see if I could find the road to the
Mount Adams climb trailhead. And a chance to enjoy a nice club sandwich and fries
lunch in Glenwood.

Information on my Mount Adams climb can be found HERE.

Previous Glenwood rides can be found HERE and HERE.

Another sunny, warm day (FINALLY!). Nice day riding around in the shadow of
Mount Adams with my favorite goil(s).

They had I-5 closed up ahead again this weekend. There's only one alternate
route... the little known bypass over through St Johns. The road was pretty
much deserted... then we came upon this VERY slow moving, 27 mile freight train.
Got to know the Black guy in the car that stopped beside us pretty well before
the crossing gates finally opened.

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