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Dead of Winter Ride 1: Vernonia
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Dead of Winter Ride 4: Mist
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Ride to Shay Park, Vernonia, Oregon
And stroll around Vernonia Lake, Anderson Park.
A 3hour, 84 mile loop ride from my house

January 19, 2014

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Previous rides to Vernonia: 2008, 2011, 2013


ITINERARY: Sunset Highway West to SR 47 North. Stop at Shay Park in Vernonia.
Continue on SR 47 and turn right onto the Vernonia-Scappoose Highway. At SR 30
turn right and travel South. Turn right onto Cornelius Pass Highway. Turn
left onto Skyline Blvd. End at the Skyline Restaurant (Skyline and NW Cornell Road).

It's been freezing cold in the City for weeks. Thick fog that never burns off.
Today started out that way but turned into a gorgeous bluebird day just west of town.
Rode Suzy so she wouldn't get jealous of the new Harley in the garage. She was

Went alone.. looks like I will be doing a lot more of that this year. So no
passenger pictures were taken along the way.

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