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Return to Warren Lake
Starvation Ridge and Mount Defiance
A 13 mile loop hike with 4,957' elevation gain
May 19, 2012

Total 2012 miles hiked= 150.16; Total elevation gain= 40,770'

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We were out here in December, 2011. Details on how to get to the trailhead
can be found HERE

It was a perfect day for a hike. Sunny, dry, 70-ish, light breeze. Got some
nice views along the way. We much prefer the Starvation Ridge approach to
Defiance. The trailhead parking lot was wall-to-wall cars when we arrived at
09:00 but we saw VERY few people on the trail.

ABOVE: The view of Wind Mountain and the Columbia River looking West.
BELOW: Mount Adams.

We were surprised to see so much snow up here. I'm guessing a lot of people
turned back when they ran into this. Started getting into snow just above Warren Lake.
On this trip, we took the service road along the South side of Warren Lake to
get to the summit and came back on the trail that runs along the North shore of the lake.

The view of Mount Hood from the summit of Mount Defiance. At 14:00, Hood was
pretty socked in above 9,000'. Our planned Hood climb for tomorrow was canceled
due to weather which was probably the smart play. Supposed to be stormy all next week.

Lunch at the summit of Mount Defiance.

My pal the tree (private joke....).

There were lots of colorful weeds up here. Spring could be right around the corner.

After 13 miles and 5,000' up and down, Julie still looks very fresh.

It was a very nice day with a very nice goil.....

Got back to the trailhead at 18:30... long day. It was only ten miles to the Gorge
Panda, so........ had a great meal and got home well after dark.

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