Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2012 Edition

Ride to Windy Ridge
Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument
With the obligatory stop at Spiffys
A 300 mile ride
July 21, 2012

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This is an annual run. Pictures of previous rides can be found HERE HERE, HERE and HERE.

Forest Road 25 to Randle and especially the Forest Road out to Windy Ridge are rarely
open before mid to late July... and sometimes August due to snow. The Forest Service
does not plow these roads and there is often major frost damage to the roads after
the snow goes away. You technically need a Forest Pass to go out there but I've never
seen this being enforced. At least not for motorcycle riders. The Rangers seem to
appreciate visitors and really go way out of their way to be cordial and helpful.

July 3, 2012: Forest Road 25 is open from Cougar to Randle.
FR 99 to Windy Ridge is still closed.

July 13, 2012: FR 99 to Windy Ridge opened.

The weather out Randle way hasn't been that good so we've had to postpone this ride
for a while. This is not a very pleasant or scenic ride if it's cold, overcast
and/or raining.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The culvert where Woods Creek passes under Forest Road 25 at milepost 3.9 is scheduled for replacement, temporarily closing this popular Gifford Pinchot National Forest road to through-traffic Sept. 5-15, 2012. The closure will occur at the extreme north end of FR 25, approximately 4.5 miles south of Randle, Wash. This project is designed to restore fish passage in this tributary to the Cispus River.

Not the greatest weather day but at least it wasn't raining. Overcast and a little
chilly in the morning but got nice as we started heading home at around 15:00
(naturally).... Mount St Helens was completely socked in when we got to the
McClellan viewpoint so no pictures there.

Here's a shot of The Plains of Abraham taken at the Windy Ridge viewpoint.
Julie just keeps getting cuter every day, huh?

As you can see, the mountain is in the clouds today. We did hang around for the
25 minute Ranger talk which was actually pretty interesting.

You can't see much of Mount Adams today either. Julie packed a nice lunch and we
got to enjoy it in the sun.

There was a very nice view off towards Spirit Lake today.

Another shot of The Plains of Abraham with Spirit Lake in the foreground.

We didn't go up there today (too damned many people!).. but there are some nice
views from up there. The trail goes out to Norway Pass among other places.

Julie found a happy little bee on this colorful weed. The simple shit that makes
Julie beam with glee amazes me.

Luckily, so far most men have been totally clueless about what a treasure Julie is.
Their loss is my gain.
But then again, I always have Eloise to nag ....errrrrr... "remind" me.

Based on my looks (or lack of), age and less than sparkling personality, Julie
is obviously waaaaaaay too good for me. I appreciate what I have and I'm not giving
her up without a fight. So there, all of you previous ex-dumbshits.

It wasn't the greatest weather and with the overcast the views weren't the best.
You can barely make out Mount Adams that's right behind me.
But still, it was a nice ride and we had a nice day, as we usually do. The worst
day with Julie is still better than the best day doing pretty much anything else
without her.

Gush... :)

Stopped at Spiffy's for coffee and pie before heading back to the barn.
This is a stock photo that's about two years old when we were there with the

Spiffys no longer has a sign on the front of their restaurant plus the sun is always
there to overexpose a shot in the late afternoon. No photo op again today.

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