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Hike over Yeon Mountain
Rock of Ages Arch
Devils Backbone, Saint Peters Dome
Horsetail Falls/Ponytail Falls
Triple Falls
A 9 hour, 13 1/2 mile hike with 3,076' elevation gain

Miles hiked= 282.80; Total elevation gain= 76,853'
July 28, 2012

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Our previous hike to the Rock of Ages, Devils Backbone and Yeon Mountain
is detailed HERE.

This hike turns the Triple Falls hike into a nice, 13 mile loop hike.

Tempting fate and giving the Grim Reaper the finger, we're baaaack....

Colorful weeds.... matching colors..... :)

Exit 35 off of I-84 and then go West on the Crown Point Highway for a couple of
miles. This hike starts at the Horsetail Falls parking lot and trailhead. No Day
Pass required here.

Horsetail Falls.

Ponytail Falls.

Just before you get to Ponytail Falls, you'll see these tree roots laid out like
steps. If you want to go to the Rock of ages and over Yeon Mountain, take these
steps and go up, up, up.

The Rock of Ages Arch.

The Devils Backbone. View of the Columbia River looking west.

Saint Peters Dome.

We came upon an outcrop of rocks quite unexpectedly, not far from the junction
of the Oneonta Trail. Made for a nice little lunch spot with a view (sort of) and
no people. In fact, we saw no one between Ponytail Falls and here.

The last couple of miles of this hike was wall-to-wall people and their off-the-leash
mutts. We haven't enjoyed this hike that much in the past due to all of the loud,
obnoxious tourists you run into out here. But going over Yeon Mountain and doing
this one as a longer loop hike really makes the difference.

Triple Falls.

I think this is Oneonta Falls. Yes, I know that it's Julie... it's the name of
the falls that I am unsure of.

Nearing the end of this loop hike returning to Ponytail Falls less than a mile
from the Horsetail Falls trailhead.

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