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Cinco de Mayo Hike
Return to Table Mountain
Heartbreak Ridge and Two Chiefs
A 9.41 mile hike with 3,327' elevation gain

Total miles hiked= 137.10; Total elevation gain= 35,813'
May 5, 2012

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Information about getting to the Aldridge Trailhead.

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Finally done with BCEP so it's time for some more leisurely hikes with Julie.
We do the same distance and elevation gain as on the Mazama hikes... just not at
a heads down, balls out pace. Doing Table at our usual starting point: at the
base of the Aldrich Butte trailhead about a mile past Bonneville Hot Springs. This
is a nice 9 mile up and down hike that's sort of a loop... great views on a clear day
and always a good cardio workout.

Not exactly the nicest Spring day.... Doogie ...errrrr... Mark Nelson lied (again).
Cold, windy, sprinkly and snowing at the summit. And as you can see, the mountain
was pretty much completely socked in although the West side looked like it was ok
(it wasn't, at least by the time we got there).

You can't even see the summit from the Two Chiefs viewpoint.

Things looked like they were improving as we got closer to the summit. But...

Pretty socked in up top..... and windy, and cold, and snowing.....

Ran into an Asian guy at the summit, over by the West side. You could barely see
him through the fog. He had a little stove going and offered us some of his soup.
Nice guy... also ran into some nitwits in a grove of trees who decided to camp out
in the middle of the narrow trail to have lunch. Amazingly, *THEY* were annoyed at
*ME* when I asked them politely to get the fuck out of the way. They did... ever so
slowly... and even more amazingly, they all sat back down to block the trail for
anyone else coming along. It's doesn't take much imagination to figure that these
were four Obama loving Multnomah County commies... self absorbed dickweeds who demand
tolerance for their bullshit beliefs but are totally oblivious to the fact that they
are sharing the Planet with others. The only thing missing from that brain dead
entourage was the obligatory dog off the leash. It's little wonder that Eloise and I
hate people.

The snow was quite deep West of the PCT sign.
Didn't look like anyone's been over that way for a week or more.

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