Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Bickleton, Washington
An "official" Washington State Ghost Town - pop 90
A nice, mostly sunny, warm-ish day although had to
maneuver around some black storm clouds on the return trip
About 350 miles round trip - 5/15/10


View of Beacon Rock (center) and Hamilton Mountain (right)
looking West on the Columbia River
Taken from the base of the Bonneville Dam

Fish ladder, Bonneville Dam
North Bonneville, Washington

Basalt Cliff, North of the Columbia River
Just West of Lyle, Washington

View East towards The Dalles
Columbia River, Lyle, Washington

Columbia River looking West
with Memaloose Island in the foreground
Lyle, Washington

Columbia River Gorge, looking East
Chamberlain Lake Railroad Tunnel West Portal - BNSF tracks below
Rowena Gap and Oregon to the right
The Town of Lyle, Washington is straight ahead

View North - Basalt Cliffs
Lyle, Washington

Ken and the new and improved Mrs. Ken
Windmill watching
Bicklelton, Washington

The Bluebird Inn - a Saloon and restaurant
Built in 1882 and for many years was a barber shop
And the new and improved Mrs. Ken keeping an eye on the KenMobile
Bickleton, Washington

Patti talking to the new and improved Mr. Patti
Ken completely ignoring the new and improved Mrs. Ken
Mr Dilligaf staring off blankly into space
There's a pair that will beat three of a kind....
Bickleton, Washington

The Mayor's limosine
Bickleton, Washington

The Bluebird Inn - built in 1882
The only original wooden structure in town still standing after a series of fires
Bickleton, Washington

Ride to Fort Vancouver

Mount Hood ride