Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Fort Vancouver
Vancouver, Washington - 6/3/10
Also some Memorial Day pictures of old friends and better days

Not much of a ride since Vancouver is just across the river from Portland but...
It's been raining buckets for weeks so it was nice to get out and not get drowned


Fort Commander's Quarters
Vancouver, Washington

Bakery. Made some bread but mostly sea biscuits. *THOUSANDS* of sea biscuits!
One baker and three helpers worked here

Fort church. Jail to the right

Two level guard house. 8 cannons up top and rifle slits below
As it turned out, the Indians were friendly and the fort had no real threats

Fort Vancouver jail. Not too inviting...

Vietnam Memorial, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Memorial Day, 2010

My friend, Eric Alan Matchette, NOC Tech Extrordinaire
and a really good guy
Willamette National Cemetery, Portland Oregon
He's got himself a nice view for all of eternity

Yours truly, just beginning my life journey, 1965 and 1966
That's Ann Calabro, a very nice girl and my first GF
She's still married to the same equally nice man and living in New Hampshire.

Ride to Mount Saint Helens

Ride to Bickleton