Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Mount Saint Helens National Park
30 year anniversary of it blowing it's top
Johnston Ridge Observatory, Toutle, Washington - 6/5/10

250 miles round trip


The bridge across the Columbia River to Longview, Washington
Rainier, Oregon

A mighty swift current there

A cute little tugboat..... maybe it's Scuffy..
Rainier, Oregon

Mount Saint Helens
About 30 miles from Johnston Observatory

Patti wears interesting shoes
Mr Patti's, not so much

The lava flow West towards Toutle. 150 feet deep....

Patti taking a picture of the scenery
Mr Patti admiring the scenery :)
Once in a while I catch a pretty good frame

This is about as close as you can get without a hiking permit
Johnston Observatory - elev 4400' or so

Not much growing up here since the soil left behind is not fertile
That's Mount Adams in the distance

Ride to Fort Vancouver

Fort Stevens ride