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Visit The Chinook Winds Casino
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Lincoln City, Oregon

With stops in the Polk County Ghost Towns of
Ballston, Oregon
Buell, Oregon

February 4, 2017

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The town of Buell is located about 8 miles almost directly south of Sheridan Oregon,
on Highway 22/Willamina-Salem Highway/Dallas Coast Highway in Polk County, Oregon.

In 1847 Elias Buell led one of the 26 wagon trains that left that year to Oregon.
His Brother was also on the trip, along with his Wife, Sarah Hammond. Other members
of the Wagon Train were the Bateman, Carey, Conner, Findley, Franklin, and Putman

The Buell family arrived at Fort Vancouver via the Columbia River, instead of the
Barlow trail. Records show that they made it there on November 15th, 1847 and took
out Land Claim #4165 for an area in Polk County. History of Oregon by William Henry
Gray stats that Elias was a blacksmith. He went to California in 1848 as part of
the Gold Rush, coming back with $2000 in gold. He used this money to start a saw
mill and flour mill on Mill Creek, which runs through his land claim.

Today the town consists of a couple of houses, a grange hall, and the school house
which has obviously been turned into a residence.

A small park next to the grange hall completes the town. The mill probably would
have been located in the general area of the park.

These images were taken with my Nikon D7000 beater camera and my fancy shmancy
$2,000 used 35mm f/1.4 manual focus lens.

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