Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2011 Edition

Bygones - 2006

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My good friend Gary George, Owner of Obsession Motorcycle Service, Portland, Oregon
was murdered on April 24, 2006. 2006 is not one of my favorite years....

Yours truly, Summer of 2008

I had this new, never run, partially assembled 96 CI S&S Evolution motor
collecting dust in my garage along with this 1985 titled Harley Davidson softail
rolling chassis. The project more or less died after what's her name left in 1997..

I swapped the motor for a 1993 1200 Sportster from a guy in Eastern Oregon.

I sold the rolling chassis to a builder for $5,000 and the Sportster to a guy
in Southern Oregon for $5,000. Then I took the $10,000 cash and bought Suzy.

Which I figure made Suzy a free bike since I got her for stuff that was just
laying around being no use to me at all.

Above right is a shot of my 1986 Honda Shadow at Hells Canyon, over the
July 4th, 1986 long weekend. My first real ride after moving to Oregon.

Below - a very hefty, 280# Original Easyrider® on May 14, 2006
before I got into the VA MOVE program

In case you're wondering, this is "What's her name..."

Stonehenge - Memorial Day weekend, 2006
Gorge and Eastern Oregon locations, Summer of 2006

Deb when she was a blonde and unmarried


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