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Dead of Winter Ride
Cascade Locks, Oregon
Visiting the Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery
A 110 mile ride along the Columbia River
February 23, 2014

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Definitely still the dead of Winter as you can see by the frosty Table Mountain in
the background. Pretty chilly out on the Gorge but dry so a good excuse for a ride.
Not the greatest weekend but the weather is a lot better than it has been. The rains
return this afternoon so.....

Not that I care so much anymore, but there were colorful weeds out here....

I'm usually out here in the Fall when there is lots of color. Pretty dreary
today. That's Hamilton Mountain in the background.

I wonder if these are grown up fingerlings. They're mighty big to be just hatched
a couple of months ago.

Then over to the Oregon side visitor center at Bonneville Dam,

A WWII Guard Shack..... not too comfy.

Planned on returning on the Crown Point Highway with a stop at the Vista House.
But it wasn't all that toasty and it was supposed to start raining soon. So headed
home which turned out to be the smart play. Started sprinkling when I pulled into
the garage and was raining a half hour later.

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