Travels with the Original Easyrider®
2010 Edition
Portland, Oregon

Ride to Cathlamet, Skamokawa and Puget Island, Washington
The Columbian White Tailed Deer National Wildlife Refuge
And a nice ferry ride
200 miles - 8/24/10


The view of Cathlamet from the heights off of Washington State route 4

An interesting little town that's off the beaten path
The lady at the Chamber of Commerce here was very nice.
Be sure to stop for a "The One" sub sandwich at Sharons Pizza. Very yummy!

Below: Main Street, Cathlamet, Washington.... such as it is

Someone made a nice planter out of this old sunken hulk
That's the bridge to Puget Island and the ferry to Oregon in the background

Some of the finer lodgings here in town

Strong Park and Waterfront Trail. And the little Wahkiakum museum on the grounds

Suzy will be sorry she missed this restored old Shay logging locomotive

Now this is an old and uncomfortable looking tractor
From the looks of the tread this was probably a log skidder

A nice waterfront estate

The bridge from Cathlamet to Puget Island

Tug Alley

The Kimball Butler Hansen house, build in 1860

The much newer Andrew Johnson house, built in 1890

The Cathlamet Marina is a hoppin' little place....

The marina has a very welcoming comfort station

No deer or elk to see today... maybe too hot?
Mating season is in just a couple of weeks... probably should come back for that!

Another interesting little town just to the west is
Skamokawa, Washington

For example there's the Duck Inn Saloon
that's open and operating but for sale, if you're interested

And the Post Office, Bed and Breakfast, General Store and Cafe....
The paddle shop is out back
but the plush Skamokawa Inn and Suites is for sale

There's a refreshing little gazebo on the water right behind this place

Redmen Hall is a restored 1896 Queen Anne style schoolhouse

Redmen Hall as viewed from the gazebo behind the Post Office

Yet another view

A nice little place across the water from the gazebo

Another view from the gazebo. That's Vista Park to the right

This is a nice old house right on Washington State route 4

Shipping down the Columbia River. Taken at Vista Park

Some close up shots at Skamokawa

Heading for the ferry to Oregon that runs from Puget Island to Westport, Oregon

Interesting historic site.....

Waiting in line for the ferry. Runs once an hour on the hour. It's 16:40
Most people would probably notice that the road ended as soon as they started getting wet....

Not exactly an ocean going vessel...12 car max capacity....
$3 for a motorcycle..

There's Captain Ahab on the bridge
Nice rack... and the shot was purely accidental, honest...

That's the dock dead ahead. Pretty impressive
Uneventful ride the rest of the way home

Ride to Rowena Crest

Hood River ride